Adulting Gone Wrong

Because they never taught us what we REALLY needed to know, right?

Fundamentals on Adulting Terribly

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. My name is Brittnea. Some of you may know me from Snapchat, IG, Facebook, and maybe even Tinder (we all have desperate times…no judging) but I’m creating this blog to not only give myself a hobby and an outlet, but to also create a place for people who feel as if they might not have anywhere else to go or anyone else to talk to.

You’ll see a variety of things across here such as:

  • LGBTQ+ Support, such as different articles, supporting businesses, rights updates..etc. etc
  • Support of all races, genders, orientations, religions, ages, and political affiliations
  • Makeup Reviews, Recommendations, and Dupes
  • Personal Stories/Experiences
  • Photography
  • Movie, TV Show, and Music reviews, along with playlists and recommendations
  • How many times Netflix asked me if I am still watching
  • FOOD…lots of food
  • Vacation spot recommendations
  • Memes because who doesn’t love them, am I right?
  • Dating advice and discussions for ALL relationships (although my love life is in shambles)
  • Someone who is open to you for venting, help, or just listening to you about how your day was

And I’m sure there will be lots more added to that, but that’s all my mind could push me to type lol. I hope you enjoy and remember this blog is just as much yours as it is mine, so please feel free to send me things and suggestions through my comments on here or any other social media!

Love, Peace, and Melanin Homies