Lesbionic: Ch. 1 “I Want You, You, and You”

Guess who’s back!

this girl 1

Yup, I’m back and I’m better -Bryson Tiller voice- I went through a bit of a rough patch the last couple of months, but I am happy to say that I’ve weathered that storm and I’m pushing forward. I’ve got a good job and I’m doing awesome in school. So life is pretty fucking good right now. Let’s hope it stays that way lol. Now that we’re all updated with moi, let’s get back to what this post really is about. Lately I’ve seen a lot of budding romances and have even been approached by some hopefuls this summer which has led me to address this slight misunderstanding in the Lesbionic community:

the difference between a LESBIAN, a BISEXUAL WOMAN, and a QUESTIONING WOMAN

alice annoyed

Lesbian: noun; a homosexual woman

Bisexualadjective; sexually attracted to more than one gender

Questioningadjective; basic sexually exploration among genders and orientations

Now please do not take this as a targeting post, it’s just my opinion on the things I notice and what really gets under my skin. I identify as a lesbian and have for some years now though I’ve just recently began to be out with it(yay!). I’m all for equality for all sexualities and genders, but what I’m not for is claiming something that you are not 100% sure, to the grave sure you are. For instance, do not say you’re a lesbian if you don’t see yourself at the alter with a woman, you worry about parenting with another woman, or you still crave za DICK (eek).


This is not that at all. I just wish women that do find themselves attracted to men while saying they’re a lesbian would identify as something more fluid. Maybe you’re pansexual, who knows?! But do not sit here and bash down on niggas, hyping up how much you eat and love the kitty, then turn around a get a damn boyfriend.

Like where they do that at sis? lol

tea sip

This makes it hard for people to take you seriously, like I see women who bounce around as someone who get with people, male or female, for the attention they give you and not who they are. Let’s call it an ATTENTIONSEXUAL…I need to copyright that because I’m sure it’ll pop up somewhere one of these days lol. Again, I’m not saying it’s wrong to be fluid, if you like it, I love it. Just do not be out here frontin’ one thing and sneak dickin’ in the backseat of the Lac’ because if I found out my girl (not literal lol) out here with dick on her breath, hands are swinging hard and FAST. We don’t play them games ’round here, sis. lol


blow kiss.gif

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time





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