Let Me Be Better

Hey. Long time, no type huh?


Well my next blog was supposed to be about how fucking awesome Spain was (which it was, entirely), but I’ve had a lot of recent life changes…good and bad, but changes nonetheless. I learning to move with them, but honestly I’m in a really weird stage(?) right now.

  • Realized that for the last two years I took the biggest L anyone possibly could
  • Lost some people
  • Got into my first car accident and got my first blowout (that’s expensive)
  • I volunteered for deployment so let’s hope I get it. 
  • Had my whole family in one room for the first time in almost 4 years 😬 that was weird
  • I made 2nd Class (non-navy; I got promoted)
  • I started school
  • Met someone pretty remarkable
  • Started practicing putting myself first

And that’s just to name a few. I gained a few friends, lost a couple, and started to grow closer to people I never thought I would. All I can say is I gotta keep pushing, drop those toxic people at the door and keep my head up. Cuz we don’t love these hoes. ✊🏽


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