Everything, Everywhere: Spain Trip (April-May)

Hey, hi there! I’m back again and this time I need a little input from you guys, my followers. As you know from my last post, on the 24th, I’m taking a two week trip back to Spain to vacay and get to enjoy the country from the civilian side  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ and I wanted to put together a travel checklist because I like to be uber prepared so I thought I’d post it in case anyone else could use one or would want to create one loosely based around mine!


  •     ____   weeks  worth of clothes/pjs ________
  • Shoes (2-4 pairs…unless you’re me and need shoes for every occasion lol) ______
  • Travel toothpaste/toothbrush ________
  • Travel body wash/towels ________
  • Hair toothbrush/edge control (gotta be on fleek 200% of the time) ______
  • Eyelashes/Eyelash glue _______
  • Laptop ______
  • Make-up _______
  • Passport/IDs _______
  • MONEY$$$ _______
  • “Bae-cation” stuff (if you’re into that stuff) 😉 😏 _______


And this is where I get stuck…short and sweet because this post was mainly for myself trying to get my life together, but you’re more than welcome to enjoy it or any of my past posts! And if you think of anything I’m probably missing, please leave it in the comments below! Thanks guys!😘



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