Spring Showers Bring May Flowers!

Happy April my lovely, little people!

April is a great month because you know why? Because that means spring is in full affect and we’re one month closer to the summer…and also because I go to Spain in 22 days and it’s gonna be so much fun to see all my friends and drink all the liquor…but I’m getting off topic by talking about me. Let’s talk about traveling.


Spring and Summer is when my travel bug hits the hardest and I want to be literally everywhere all at once! I have some pretty big plans for 2017. As mentioned before, I’m taking a 2 week vacation back to Spain where I lived for about a year and some change while in the military. Around this time of year they have a spring festival call Feria de Abril and it is the best time I’ve ever had. There’s carnival rides, food trucks, club tents…you name it. It’s a lot of fun and I’m very fortunate to be able to go back and enjoy it with my friends still out there. Once that’s over, I have plans for Louisiana in June for the Essence Festival, New York in August for my best friend’s wedding (ahem which there is still no Save the Date lol) and California later this year, which is really for work, but their will be a lot of play involved lol.  So my year is pretty jam packed.

Now for you! What are some of the places you’re planning on or dreaming of traveling to? And even if you know that you want to get out somewhere but just don’t know where to start, take a look at some of the many traveling groups Facebook has to offer. They’re made up of people from all over the globe sharing hot vacation spots and tips about how to travel on a budget or best places to go to in a country. I, myself, am a part of one the more popular groups you may have heard of called Girls LOVE Travel. It’s filled with beautiful women from all walks of life traveling the world or sharing things about their countries. I’ve taken down so much from these lovely ladies on countries I’d love to go to and even places I’ve already been. Sadly, I don’t have any direct links for my guys but I’ve searched and came across a list of groups for every kind of traveler just to save you the little hassle of having to type it in yourself (because I’m a good fucking person). So I hope you enjoy and that this post helps you out in planning your getaway, family vacays, or even a little “bae-cation” 😉 lol

Best Facebook Groups Travelers Should Be A Part Of

Again, I would lovelovelove to hear about your vacation plans, so get at me on my social medias located in the sidebar on the right or comment below here! Thanks and enjoy guys! 😘



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