“You’re ugly anyway!”

Ladies, ladies…the first of Spring has passed us by and we all know that that means…Sundress Season has arrived! Unless you’re up north, y’all just shit outta luck for the next few weeks.

Though we all love the feeling of the sun hitting our shoulders and our booty cheeks swangin side to side…well at least I do lol, the breakout of the popular trend also brings upon Fuckboy Season: Summer Edition, which includes the following:

  • Catcalling – “Aye ma, lemme talk” “C’mon baby, you need to smile for me”
  • Disrespect – “Fuck you then” “You ain’t shit anyway”
  • Lots and lots of whistling…ugh
  • Some even have the balls to follow you if you don’t acknowledge them


Which means there will be a lot of us doing some:

  • Walking with our faces against our phone 
  • Wearing really dark sunglasses so no one knows where you’re looking (my fave)
  • Practicing for a power walking marathon

While you’re out this spring/summer, whether you’re traveling the world, walking the mall or even taking a jog, please be safe because assault crimes tend to rise just like the temperature. Try to limit traveling alone if you can and if you are alone, stay aware and armed (I’m talking pepper spray guys, don’t catch a case), keep your phone charged in case you need to call 911, don’t enter dark spaces by yourself, keep your drinks covered in bars/clubs, and if you do want to get litlitlit, please always have a a plan and someone with you to look out for you in case you can’t look out for yourself. You can always take a basic self defense course if you want to feel more prepared also.

The sun is out and meant to be enjoyed, just always be careful because you never know who’s out there. Also, let me see these sundresses because my collection is on 10 right now, so I’m sure y’all got some poppin’ pieces out there. Let’s gon head and get a head start on #ICantHearYou2017 

And if any of my dude viewers have a wonder of what I’m talking about, here’s a glimpse:


3 thoughts on ““You’re ugly anyway!”

  1. I just felt likeI read through safety stand down summer dress edition brit! Let me see those cheeks sway…ayyee. Sorry inappropriate. Love the blog! Keep up the good work! ā¤

    Liked by 1 person

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