“The Gay Agenda”

Everyone has heard about this so called “agenda” that we in the homosexual community have to take over the world and push our gayness on everybody. How’s it working so far because I think everyone could be a tad bit fruitier if you ask me…but all bullshit aside, let me tell you the truth…IT DOES NOT EXIST. Like at all…nada…zip. It’s all just some made up booha to make us look like a group of crazy psychos trying to brainwash the world. It’s not that, it’s just another fight for equality.

As you’ve noticed, there’s a lot more representation of the LBGTQ+ community in our daily lives. Whether it’s in TV, movies, song lyrics, or on the Internet and a lot of people feel it as overbearing. Even I thought it was a little much when they announced that the Yellow Ranger, played by singer Becky G, would be a lesbian in the new Power Rangers movie premiering this weekend. I said to my sister in a conversation that even with myself being a lesbian, I felt it was being thrown in my face everyday, but then she made a valid point. That this is probably how the white majority of the nation felt once African American people began to be represented in their everyday lives. Something new was being broadcasted(Is this a real word…or nah?) to them and they weren’t sure how to handle it until it became just another normal thing that they saw everyday. This is exactly what we’re going through. It’s almost like that weird in between phase after a breakup where you feel like you’re the shit and can get over anybody and then you see them and all of a sudden you realize you can’t handle it. You’ll get used to it eventually, I promise.

Once we get past the realization that what I do in my life, how I live it, or who I decide to live it with has nothing do with anyone else besides ME, then we can grow into a more peaceful nation. My significant other has absolutely nothing to do with my work ethic, my education, or my level of knowledge of a job, so why should my orientation be a plausible reason as to why I could lose my job or not be given the same opportunity as the next qualified person who happens to be straight? Do you see the correlation? No? It’s okay, neither do I.

We are in no way trying to influence you or your children to be something that they’re not, but what we do wish to achieve is acceptance and peace among all races, genders, orientations, and religions. Of course that’s a little far fetched because it’s not a perfect world, but I just ask that when it comes across your TV or on your Facebook news feed, don’t look at it with disgust or confusion, but just as if it was another part of your day you scroll past. You don’t have to like us or agree with the way we live OUR lives, but please respect it as we do yours.



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