Dear fellow 20 Somethings,

My name is Brittnea and I’m here to let you know that there’s millions of us in ourĀ 20’s that are just as lost and broke as you are. My freshman year of high school, I told myself that by 23, I’d be married, a child on the way, a teacher in Texas and fully settled in life…and here I am; 25, like 17 college credits under my belt, working part time between a pretty nice apartment complex and being a half time sailor, all while being lost in this big, big world. Not exactly what I thought I’d become, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned a few survival skills to life in the few years I’ve been kicking. I’ve traveled to countries that most people just dream about. Met people that will forever have a place in my life and heart. This blog will basically be an extension of myself for the social media world. I’ll be posting everything from my favorite meme albums, music playlists, personal stories, shopping and brand recommendations, etc etc…basically the whole 9! My goal is to make at least one person’s day brighter. This is my first blog so I hope you enjoy and grow with me as I begin this little journey!

Much Love



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