Let Me Be Better

Hey. Long time, no type huh?   Well my next blog was supposed to be about how fucking awesome Spain was (which it was, entirely), but I’ve had a lot of recent life changes…good and bad, but changes nonetheless. I learning to move with them, but honestly I’m in a really weird stage(?) right now. … More Let Me Be Better

“The Gay Agenda”

Everyone has heard about this so called “agenda” that we in the homosexual community have to take over the world and push our gayness on everybody. How’s it working so far because I think everyone could be a tad bit fruitier if you ask me…but all bullshit aside, let me tell you the truth…IT DOES … More “The Gay Agenda”

House vs. Field

“You’re pretty for a dark skin girl..” “Your skin is so light, what are you mixed with?” “Smile so I can see you.”  “Be grateful that you’re light skinned.” I came across a fairly dated article the other day, but still just as relevant today. Written by Allison Samuels, a college student at the time, … More House vs. Field